Assessment Policy

Purpose of an Assessment Policy

• To promote meaningful reporting to students, parents and guardians about student progress and learning.
• To improve instructional practices and increase student achievement.
• To enable students numerous opportunities to reflect on their own learning.

School Grade

Each year our school is evaluated by the State of Florida and assigned a school grade. The last eleven years our school has continued to maintain a grade of A. The grade is based on three factors:

1. Percentage of students meeting high standards (FSA Level 3 and above ) in reading/writing, math, and science

2. Percentage of students making learning gains in reading and math

3. Adequate progress of the lowest 25% in the school.

Student School-wide Assessment

• MYP – Each of the eight subject areas will use MYP objectives with their MYP units, and students will be assessed using the criteria and rubrics. Each criterion will be assessed at least twice so that an MYP grade can be assigned. At this time the faculty is in the process of modifying the rubrics to make them age-appropriate. Teachers are using formative and summative assessment tasks. Departments are also defining the assessment tasks for each criterion using the IBO prescribed minimum tasks as a guideline.

• Writing progress monitoring prompts – countywide; given to students three times each year in grades 6, 7 & 8. Students respond in writing to an argumentative or informative prompt .

• Subject-Area Exams – county-wide exams administered to students in high school credit courses (Honors Spanish, Honors Algebra) at the end of each year; used to determine if students earn high school credit for the course they took in middle school – their semester grades must be an 80% or higher, and for Spanish, this exam is also averaged into their semester grade as 30% of their grade.

Purpose of Assessment

1. Identify students’ strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles in relation to the MYP skills, knowledge and attitudes.
2. Help students evaluate their own learning and understanding.
3. Identify what has been learned or what students are in the progress of learning.
4. Provide teachers, students, and parents with feedback on students’ progress and learning.
5. Help teachers develop effective teaching units using a variety of strategies to meet the needs of the learners.
6. Record student’s level of mastery.


• All teachers have created and use MYP units, and many have begun modifying the IB rubrics for their subject area.

• The school district is currently working with Global Scholar to create an assessment recording system that will enable us to easily record student progress and achievement on the various MYP subject-specific criterions. The program will be web-based and work alongside our current online gradebook, Pinnacle. Global Scholar will allow teachers to track student progress on MYP assessments and assist teachers in calculating students’ final achievement level of 1 – 7 in each MYP subject.

Types of Assessment


• Pre-test
• A-Z Lists
• Anticipation Guide
• Informal Playing Tests
• STAR Test
• TeenBiz Level Set Test Formative


• Observation
• Quiz
• Inquiry
• Open ended task
• Homework/practice
• Cooperative learning
• Self and peer assessment
• Reflection
• Journal Writing
• Graphic organizers
• Charts
• Practice Tests
• Worksheets
• TeenBiz
• Review Summative


• Essay
• Lab report
• Oral Presentation
• Performance
• MYP prescribed minimum task (per subject)
• Cumulative exam
• Technology based project such as brochures, flyers, posters, magazines
• Hand created project
• Short Stories
• Music Compositions
• Playing Tests (music)
• Journal writing