Middle School Expectations

Keys to Middle School Success

  1. Go to school every day!
    You’ll get better grades
    Too many absences equal too much make up work
    A good attendance record will set the stage for getting and keeping a good job
  2. Get Organized!
    Purchase a planner to keep track of assignments and events
    Set up your binder
    Manage your time
  3. Complete all class & homework assignments; study for tests! You’ll get better grades. Your tests and quizzes will be easier, and scores will be higher. Completing homework will reinforce what you learn in class
  4. Find a quiet place to study after school. Turn off the TV and loud music. Ask your family to take phone messages for you while you study. Playing soft background music is helpful for some students. Find a quiet and comfortable place with good lighting. Keep the area clean and uncluttered. Work in the same place each time you study.
  5. Be a self-advocate. If you are having trouble with assignments, ask for help. Talk to your teacher or parents, if you’re having trouble. Talk to your counselor, if you are falling behind with grades.
  6. Get Involved. Students involved with the school earn better grades and have higher GPAs. You are more likely to succeed in college. You are half as likely to drop out of high school. You’ll have better attendance and will be less likely to get into trouble.
  7. Get 8 hours of sleep every night. Increases your ability to pay attention. Improves athletic performance.
  8. Connect with a teacher or other adult in the building. Serves as a great resource for advice and support. Accessible role model and mentor