Our Students Doing Great Things!!!

First our Volunteer of the Year was Robbie B! Robbie was an 8th grade student here with us last year and even though he has moved on he continues to come back and volunteer his time to our school. Robbie wants to be a Music Teacher which speaks very well to the experiences he has had with all of you and specifically Mr. Kesler! Thank you for being so great!!!

Robbie Volunteer of the Year

Next, we have Anna S and Mallory H; these two ladies took their Community Project to the next level! They planned and executed an after-school activity that helped them raise $840.00 for two fantastic organizations! The Polk County representative of the Special Olympics and two standout athletes were present to accept the donations of $420.00 for the Polk County branch of the Special Olympics and the Frown Upside Down Autism Awareness campaign!

Anna S and Mallory H Present Checks

Your hard work and dedication is building fantastic young people who are already doing great things!!!!