Out of my Mind – by Sharon Draper

Tell me what you think! I have been advertising this life-changing book for the last few weeks. If you have read it, give me your impression of the main character Melody. What do you think about her teacher that coaches the quiz bowl team? How did the ending make you feel? Do you feel like your personal thoughts about people with disabilities have changed because of this book?

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5 thoughts on “Out of my Mind – by Sharon Draper

  1. Mrs. Neal

    I highly recommend this book to people of all ages. It will change the way you view people with differing abilities. Read it now! You won’t be sorry.

  2. Ella S.

    It gives you an idea of what might go through a person’s mind with a disability. The book’s title really lives up to the book itself.

  3. Jordan S.

    This book has forever left a thought into my mind that so many people around the world are having this problem. I HIGHLY recommend this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Alejandra S.

    This is an amazing story that leads us to think to love ourselves just as we are. Melody has disability to where she can be very stiff and cannot speak by herself. She now owns a medi- talker that she communicates by typing words and the machine says it. She is 11 years old and hasn’t spoken a word in her life. This is an uplifting book that will truly inspire you to do more and think in a different perspective. When they soon find out she has a pictographic memory. Will she make it into the Whiz Kids tem or will they retain her because of her disability? On her life path she has many challenges to deal with and many doubts that she has. Why did Penny(her sister) be bale to have no problems and can do everything normally? There are also some very mean kids that she sometimes burns communicating with her medi-talker throughout the story. I highly recommend out of my mind it truly inspire and changes perspectives.

  5. Khushi

    This book is amazing. I really recommend you read this. I was so into the book that I finished it in 3 days. It is about a girl who has disabilities, she is very smart and no one knows it until she is put into a higher class one day, she faces a lot of challenges but she over comes them. There are many parts of the book where you want to throw the book, but there are also sweet parts, there are some parts where you want to cry. To fell all these emotions and to find out more about what happens you should definitely read this book!!!!!!!!!