School Advisory Committee

The Union Academy School Advisory Council (SAC) is pivotal in our school’s operation. Our School Improvement Plan outlines the activities of our SAC:

  • Evaluation of last year’s school improvement plan
  • Development of the current school improvement plan
  • Contribute to the development of the school improvement plan
  • Preparation of the school’s annual budget and plan
  • Oversee the the use of school improvement funds allocated last year, including the amount budgeted for each project
  •  Vote on the distribution of the A+ School Lottery Funds.

See the DAC (District Accountability Committee) website for further information on our school’s SAC committees.

The 2017 – 2018 SAC members: 

Kelly Parker

Lee Putnam

Emelia Perez

LaSabra Patterson

Kenneth Chambers

Jeannie Jones

Donna Presley

Jackie Reyes

Michelle Adams

Noemi Alfaro

Ashley Dishong

Peggy Bannier

Samuel Berrien

Krista Greene

Heather Joyner

Craig Canning

Kristen Chaves

Christy Trotter

Deborah Draper

Stephen Scheloske

Ana Delgado

Jennifer Perry (sub)

Cyndi Durham (sub)