Service Learning in 6th & 7th Grade

Dear Union Academy Parents,


This letter is to inform you that we are updating our Service Learning in sixth and seventh grade. In the IB MYP program, Service Learning is a structured approach to integrate service into the curriculum. Within their units, our teachers are implementing not only the meaning of service but also ways to incorporate this learning and action by teaching our students the importance of community service locally and globally.
Because of this update, there will not be any required hours outside of school to complete by the end of the year. Students will reflect on their learning throughout the year in class.
However, students are more than welcome to complete service hours outside of school, if they so choose, and record their action and reflection in ManageBac. Sixth grade students will be learning how to use this program in the near future. If students have already completed any service hours this year, they may record their information on page 16 in their planner. Seventh grade students may use ManageBac at this time.
If you have any further questions, please contact Debbie Draper, 863-534-7435.


Thank you,


Debbie Draper