Student Lunch Visit Reminder

Parents, this is a reminder of Union Academy’s rules regarding visiting your child for lunch. We appreciate your support in observing the rules.

  • Parents may bring lunch to their children; however, parents may not bring lunch to other students.
  • Food and drink items brought in from an outside vendor/source may not be shared with other students.
  • Persons on the Emergency Contact List with permission to pick up the student are welcome for lunch
  • Student may invite only one friend to join him/her during lunch.
  • Cell phone usage during lunch is not permitted. Please respect our school policy on cell phone usage during school hours.
  • In case of inclement weather (rain or bitter cold), parents will have to sit with their student in a designated area in the cafeteria.
  • In order to maintain supervision and timely lunch dismissal, please use only the picnic tables in front of the media center.