Union Academy Classroom Rules

Raise your hand to ask a question and wait for permission to speak. Keep eyes to the front of the class while the teacher is talking. Be respectful to others at all time by keeping hands, feet and other objects to yourself and use polite words. Follow directions the first time they are given in class. Bring your binder with your calendar, paper and writing utensil to class.

Tips for using your UA Student Planner

During the School Day

Listen carefully when your teacher gives an assignment. Look at your teacher and think about the assignment. If you have any question about the assignment, ask your teacher. Locate today’s date on the calendar. Locate the date when the assignment is due.  All assignments are recorded on the due date to the teacher. Write an entry for the assignment on the due date.  Make entries brief but be sure you understand them. Write your entries, by first writing an abbreviation for the subject. Last, write a note for the assignment. Try this form: Rdg. – Read pp. 23-24, Eng. – Write 2 paragraphs, Math – p. 110, sets b & c S.S. – ?’s p. 77

Before You Leave School

Check your calendar. Decide what homework you need to do this evening. Get out the materials you will need for your homework. If you don’t understand one of your assignments, ask your teacher or a classmate about it before you leave school.

 At Home

First, do the assignments that are due tomorrow.  When you finish an assignment, draw a single line through the entry on the calendar. If you have a question about an assignment, call one of your study buddies. Next, work on assignments that are due in the future.

Union Academy Field Trip Policies

  • Several academic-related field trips are scheduled in each grade level throughout the school year.
  • Students must have a “C” average or better in every class during the week prior to the trip.
  • Administration may deny a student’s participation in a field trip with 2 or more discipline referrals for the school year.
  • Students will wear collared Union Academy uniform shirts with uniform pants, shorts, or skirts on all field trips.
  • Costs of field trips will be covered by the school and fundraisers when possible. When school funds are not available, parents are asked to pay for their student’s field trip costs. See the teacher or administration for assistance if needed.

ClassLink for Apple Devices

We have experienced some issues with iPads and iPhones accessing resources such as textbook on ClassLink. We have had better success buy using the login URL here: When using this URL at school, students just enter their user name but not their full email. For example, John Doe would login with johnd43 (user name) without appending it with You may need the full email account name at home. After entering their passwords, students should click the “Sign In” button like the picture below and ignore the lower “school student sign-in.” For further information, please go the PCPS web page at

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