Supply Lists

2019-20 Union Academy Supply Lists! Click on the link below:


All students at Union Academy carry a standard (an approved) three-ring notebook with calendar and dividers with index tabs.

The notebook must be purchased following the specifications posted below.

Union Academy Binder Specifications 2019-2020 School Year

1. Binder Specs are as follows: a. One zipper closing b. 3” rings (one set of rings) c. No logos or designs d. Binders may be purchased from any retailer

2. The best time to purchase binders is after the Fourth of July because this is when school supplies are delivered and displayed in the stores.

3. Students must have 8-tab plastic sheet dividers for the binder

4. Teachers will help students set up binders on the first day of school.

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We also offer school supplies through EduKit!  You may purchase all supplies in one kit already organized by grade level!  Our PTA is sponsoring this opportunity and ordering your supplies through EduKit will help support initiatives held at Union Academy! Available through July 20th! Check out EduKit below:

19-20 UA EduKit School Supplies