The Crossover – Kwame Alexander

Tell me what you think! This book is currently part of the SSYRA middle school book list. It has also received two prestigious awards: The Newberry Medal and the Coretta Scott King Award. What do you think about the style of this novel? It’s written in verse. Do you like the way some authors are using this style of writing?

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2 thoughts on “The Crossover – Kwame Alexander

  1. Khushi

    It was a unique way of writing and had a great story because many children have had this happen to them and this is a great way to express their story. Also, I love how it is formatted and that it is a true story. If you read this book you would love it so please if you have the chance read the book.

  2. Alejandra S.

    This is an amazing book full with knowledge and some sadness that they were able to overcome as a family….. These two young brothers are hilarious until a situation happens with their father… Read more to find out what happens and how the family stayed strong and united.