Top 10 Reasons to buy a Union Academy Yearbook

10. Absolute proof that you went to school with someone famous.
9. To give your future children something to laugh about when they see your hairstyle.
8. To read the mushy things your parents write on memory pages.
7. So you can always have a picture of your best friend.
6. To remember what your friends used to look like when you see them at the class reunion.
5. Autograph section lets you share special messages with your friends.
4. Remember what was hot and what was not.
3. Because our school is the greatest and you want to keep those wonderful memories.
2. So you won’t miss out on all the fun and excitement at the yearbook signing party.
#1 They will be on sale for $40 (a $20 reduction in price.)

Keep checking the UA website for the sale dates